Whether it be to lay down the foundations for the start of a singing career or purely for pleasure, our aim is to focus students and help them achieve the basic singing techniques.

Students can be entered for examinations if they wish.

Our private singing lessons develop:

  • Technique
  • Range
  • Vocal health
  • Performance skills

Private lessons include:

  • Expanding vocal range and power
  • Improving pitch accuracy & mobility
  • Gaining subtlety, variety & depth of tone
  • Eliminating vocal strain, improving vocal stamina and health
  • Balancing the tone throughout your range
  • Helping to understand the singing process
  • Helping to sing with ease in a clear, connected, strong and individual voice helping:
  1. Audition Technique – how to cope in this stressful situation
  2. Performance Tutoring – deliver a believable and honest performance

Classes are held throughout the week. Please contact us via the contact page for more information and availability.