With vocal coach Lucy-Emma Manifold

One Voice Academy is a vocal coaching that specializes in teaching the techniques and skills required to become an accomplished singer.

Whether it be to lay down the foundations for the start of a singing career or purely for pleasure, our aim is to focus students and help them achieve the basic singing techniques. Students can be entered for examinations if they wish.

As a Professional Singing Teacher Lucy-Emma has a proven track record in delivering singing lessons which develop:

  • Technique
  • Range
  • Vocal health
  • Performance skills

Private lessons include:

  • Expanding vocal range and power
  • Improving pitch accuracy & mobility
  • Gaining subtlety, variety & depth of tone
  • Eliminating vocal strain, improving vocal stamina and health
  • Balancing the tone throughout your range
  • Helping to understand the singing process
  • Helping to sing with ease in a clear, connected, strong and individual voice helping:
  1. Audition Technique – how to cope in this stressful situation
  2. Performance Tutoring – deliver a believable and honest performance

Classes are held throughout the week so please contact us to enquire about the availability of your chosen day and which time you would prefer.

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